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TherHab Fitness is a group fitness program that is supervised by a physical or an occupational therapist. Prior to you first class, you will have a one-on-one meeting with our certified and trained instructor.  During this meeting, our instructor will complete a screening in order to determine class placement needs.  Please see our class descriptions below. 

Now offering in-home TherHab classes!!

​Studio Classes: TBA

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If you use a walker or a cane for balance, have limited endurance, or are just beginning an exercise program this class is a good choice. Ideal for individuals who are concerned about their balance, strength and walking ability. It is also perfect for anyone with a history of falling or anyone who needs assist to get up from a chair. Standing exercises are performed while holding the balance bar and sitting in the chair


This class is a little more challenging with a faster pace and longer aerobics. The cross-training approach with StrengthHab includes multiple formats that change every day for constant fun variety and maximal improvement in health, endurance, strength, posture, balance, and flexibility. 

  • Low Impact Aerobics: Slower paced fun aerobics that everyone can enjoy.

  • Lunge Intervals: Combinations of invigorating lunges followed by a recovery period. Circle: Fun circle format!

  • Dance: Simple dance patterns designed to challenge strength, thinking, coordination and endurance. You do not need to be a dancer to enjoy this class-it is for everyone!

  • Chair Aerobics: Challenging aerobics performed in the chair-getting the heart rate up with large movements-great to improve core strength!

  • Step Power strengthening with the optional use of a step.

The combination of these five formats of the classes are guaranteed to improve your energy level, giving you more strength and endurance to do activities you enjoy!


This fitness class contains the aerobics, strengthening, balance and flexibility and is designed for individuals just beginning an exercise program but ready for more intensity and a slightly faster pace. The aerobics is a mixture of slow and fast moves. No seated exercise in the class. The balance bar is used for strengthening and balance work. Variations: Basic, lunge interval, circle, step and dance.


This interval class is a great class for people serious about improving their health, strength and stamina. This very fun and innovative class includes modified H.I.T. (high intensity interval training) training with intervals that can be modified. Don’t be afraid to try this efficient class! Power and speed moves can be modified at the balance bars

TherHab Fitness: Services
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